Our Mission

Inspire and embrace the beauty of every being.

Be You

We believe the foundation to embracing one’s inner and outer beauty is in learning to Be You! An individual’s confidence is rooted in being themselves, which allows their true inner and outer beauty to shine in its purest forms.

Our Promise

We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all feel safe, valued, cared for, and given, an opportunity to explore their inner and outer beauty. It is our desire for each guest to feel beautiful and comfortable within their own skin. Here at Beautiful You, we welcome you to Beautiful You!

Mattie and Stephanie

Founders and Creators

Their Journey

Stephanie and Mattie are siblings that grew up with the burning desire to inspire others. Through their life journeys they came together to create Beautiful You and the slogan “Be You”. “Be You” has been the perfect foundation in supporting a Beautiful You. Through their belief, “Beauty is more than skin deep,” they realized there are endless possibilities to the definition of beauty. From realizing beauty’s endless possibilities Beautiful You agency was born. This created a variety of departments that complement the mission and vision of Beautiful You. They are passionate in raising the planet’s positive vibes and welcome you to discover and embrace what it means to “Be You!”