Beautiful You is committed to celebrating the beauty of every human being.  We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to explore their inner and outer beauty. We cherish the diversity of humanity and are honored to serve all.


To sustain our commitment in honoring an individual for who they are, it is imperative as owners of Beautiful You that we understand the challenges involved with complicating the beauty industrial complex. By complicating, we mean neutralizing the coercive forces behind the constructed and destructive normative beauty standards.  As Beautiful You has been born into an industry driven by narcissism and people striving to attain unattainable ideals, it is our responsibility to acknowledge our tendencies in falling prey to these constructed behaviors, to then burn them to ashes, and rise out of those ashes as a more authentic, loving, and supportive beauty agency.

The forces behind normative beauty standards need to be neutralized and replaced with love, acceptance, and support.

Through personalizing the client’s experience to their individual needs and desires, Beautiful You, is complicating the beauty industrial complex by not holding the individual to normative beauty standards, but instead creating an experience unique to their independence. We remove the comparisons and expectations of the client meeting certain ideals and standards of beauty, and instead focus on the client’s individual needs and aspirations.


When a client enters a Beautiful You salon, we greet them with love and grace. When the time comes around for the consultation, we begin by conducting what we call Beautiful You: A Self Discovery.  In a self discovery we assess the individual’s personality, lifestyle, skin tone, eye color, face shape, height, weight, and ask the client what a salon experience means to them – whether it be relaxation, health, and/or self-expression.  Our mission is to create a safe, fun, relaxing, educational space for individual’s to relax, learn, and discover, maintain, and/or play with their self-expression.  Beautiful You believes in more than just the design of a style, but the emotions and meaning behind creating that style.  It is important to us to include our clients in their salon experience.


Pricing for haircuts have been re-designed to complicate the binary constructs and instead are based on cosmetic technicalities, including: hair length, density, texture, and time necessary for completing the service.  Beautiful You understands that not everyone can afford the cost of our services.  We are networking and designing collaborations for sponsorship of monthly events where Beautiful You provides days dedicated to reaching out to marginalized individuals and share the Beautiful You: A Self Discovery experience.


The forces behind normative beauty standards need to be neutralized and replaced with love, acceptance, and support.  Beautiful You believes that by personalizing an individual’s salon experience we are complicating these standards of beauty.  This is accomplished through honoring the specific needs of an individual (a case-by-case mentality), while also holding a space for them to experience, celebrate, and embrace who they are.


Here at Beautiful You, we welcome you to Be You!