Today is another awesome day – I just left the salon and got a fresh new haircut and hair color.  I’m not sure about you, but for me, getting my haircut and colored is a luxury.  I feel so wonderful leaving the salon.  Because of this great feeling, I want to savor on it for as long as possible.  My sister, Stephanie, a licensed and practicing cosmetologist informed me one day when I was sitting in her styling chair about the protective and restorative benefits of professional salon products.  My hair at the time wasn’t in the healthiest condition. Through my cosmetology apprenticeship in the last year, I have learned even more about haircare and have become a true believer in the benefits of using professional salon products.  These products have become insurance for the health of my hair and skin, along with prolonging the beauty of the hair color between my salon visits.  Knowing this about professional salon products and using them daily has made my salon experiences that much more enjoyable.  I see first hand that the color lasts longer between visits and the health of my hair and skin improves.  I look forward to the celebrations Stephanie and I have at each appointment. We celebrate how healthy my hair has become since before I started using the professional products.  If you enjoy the feeling of getting a fresh look from the salon, then I recommend investing in professional salon products.  These products are insurance for the services we pay for.  You will be able to savor longer on the euphoria you experience when leaving the salon with a beautiful new look.