In nature our bodies are exposed to many elements such as medications, oils, polymers, resins, waxes, metals, minerals, and chlorine, all of which find their way to our hair, attaching like magnets, and layer the hair strands. Some of these chemicals can cause discoloration to the hair and negatively effect the success of salon services.  A professional hair clarifier treatment eliminates this buildup by gently removing the problematic chemicals.


Beautiful You recommends that our client’s receive an express clarifying treatment at each visit to the salon and a deep clarifying treatment once per season or as needed. For client’s receiving color services we highly recommend them to receive an express or deep clarifying treatment prior to the color application to ensure the most favorable color results.


Scruples Professional Salon Clearifying System

Scruples Professional Salon Clearifying System
Daily or weekly use to eliminate chlorine, metals, and minerals that result from chlorine and/or using hard water.
Soothes the scalp, prevents flaking and discomfort, and deodorizes the hair.
Eliminates buildup of chlorine, medications, metals, minerals, oils, polymers, styling products, resins, and waxes from the hair, and subsequently removes discoloration from the hair.
Removes residual peroxide from hair that is left after chemical texture or hair color services.  If not removed, this residual peroxide can relax the curls and fade hair color after a chemical services.