There is no time to mess around!  Let’s get the bounce back in your curls.  DevaCurl has created another magical curly-care product called Buildup Buster.  This micellar water cleansing serum will bring the life back to your curls. Through attracting dirt like a magnet, the micellar water gently removes buildup from the hair and scalp, rejuvenating your curls, without stripping the hair of its’ natural moisture.  Buildup Buster also contains abyssinian seed oil and jojoba to deliver moisture to the hair and scalp that results in head-turning shine and bounce. Products, medications, hard water, and environmental stressors can buildup on our hair and scalp preventing moisture and other products from penetrating.  If you want the full effects of your conditioners and stylers, it is essential to remove the buildup that weighs down your curls, leaving them looking dull, tangled, and undefined.  Buildup Buster is also a great facial cleanser and makeup remover that does not strip your skin of its’ natural moisture, while delivering additional hydration to your skin.


Buildup Buster is easy to use as its’ unique serum texture provides incredible slip that helps to evenly distribute the product to all of your curls! Using the pointed tip, apply a tablespoon to palm size amount of Buildup Buster to the scalp and massage all over and working it through the mid-shaft and ends.  Remember to rinse thoroughly, as this product is not to be left in.  Be sure to follow with a DevaCurl conditioner or treatment to seal in moisture.  Use weekly or as needed to bring back your curls’ life.  To use as a facial cleanser, massage a tablespoon size amount of Buildup Buster all over your face, ears, and neck, and then rinse thoroughly.  Follow with applying a DevaCurl conditioner to your face, ears, and neck to seal in moisture.


Buildup Buster is safe for color treated hair.  Download this great information sheet to learn how DevaCurl’s ‘Buildup Buster’ can help your curls look and stay BEAUTIFUL!!



Enjoy your Beautiful and Thriving Curls 🙂