Statistics show that in the United States there is only 1 curl stylist professional for every 32,000 curly haired people.  This shortage of professionally trained curl stylists is outrageous as by the true definition of curly hair all of us are curly haired individuals.  This is because we all have some degree of cowlicks (the outgrowth pattern of the hair) in our hair landscape and where a cowlick exists, also exists a wave pattern, and where there is a wave, exists a curl. There are 4 curl types: swavy, wavy, corkscrew, and Botticelli. It is possible to have multiple curl patterns in your hair landscape.  In our culture most of us have been socialized that to have curly hair one must have SUPER curly hair, but based on the definition described above this is not a true designation anymore.

What may be most fascinating is curly hair can come and go in result of diet, stress, and medication. Even though most of your life you had little curl in your hair landscape, it is possible, for instance, when your pregnant to gain more wave and curl.

We suggest to start seeing your hair as a fabric.  The more curls in your hair landscape, the more delicate the fabric is.  Because of this delicacy it is necessary to use gentle fabrics, such as microfiber towels or paper towels.  This reduces the initiation of frizz. Touching your hair while it is drying creates frizz. Frizz control is a big concern for those of us embracing our curl.  Frizz is ultimately caused by a lack of hydration.  DevaCurl haircare products are designed to provide maximum hydration to the hair, especially the conditioners. This is why we recommend to leave DevaCurl conditioners in the hair depending on the degree of frizz in your hair landscape.

Before you began reading this blog, you may have had no idea that you have curly hair.  With knowledge comes freedom. You now have an awareness that allows you to truly embrace your curl and possibly for the first time REALLY love your hair.