Let’s take a minute to reconstruct what it means for hair to be “living” or “dead”.  The portion of hair within the follicle, at the base of the hair’s root (the “bulb”), is considered “living”. This is because within the bulb there are cells that manufacture the entire hair shaft. Beyond the follicle is the visible hair shaft that does not perform any biochemical activity. Because of this lack of activity, the hair shaft is considered “dead”.


Dead hair becomes compromised the longer it remains a part of the hair landscape.  To prolong the health and minimize compromising the hair shaft, Beautiful You, invites you to invest in a haircare, deep conditioning program to help maintain the hair shaft’s remaining youth. An intense moisturizing treatment has the potential to prevent compromising effects to the hair, while also rejuvenating the hair shaft that was once dry, over processed and/or damaged.


To improve the condition of your “dead” hair, Beautiful You, is excited to share with you a variety of deep conditioning treatments.  Our hope is that you will feel rejuvenated as you leave the salon and excited to continue your deep conditioning treatment program, which also includes at home care.


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