We are back with volume two of our three-part hair styling product knowledge series.  In this article we discuss the purposes of hairspray, heat protection, and styling primer. Our hope is for you to know the differences between these products, why you would use certain ones over the others, how you might cocktail different products together, while also learning how to use these products correctly to give you the greatest results.

Hair Spray

When it comes to hair spray there are two main types that serve different but collective functions.  A working hair spray allows the stylist the opportunity to mold the hair into a desired style by providing volume, control, and hold.  The more working hair spray one uses the firmer the hold, so one needs to be aware of how much product they are using while reshaping the hair into a particular style to not stiff the hair before the style is achieved.  Another type of hair spray is a firm hold spray, also known as a finishing spray.  A finishing spray is exactly what it sounds like – it creates a firm finish that will last from a.m. to p.m., giving your hair style immovable security.  These two hair sprays work collectively to provide custom shaping and security in your hair styles.

Heat Protectant

A heat protectant will provide your hair protection from thermal styling damage. Some heat protectants also function to provide control, hold, and texture. Some may also be used as finishing sprays.  A heat protectant would be applied to the hair prior to using a thermal styling tool.

Styling Primer

Styling primers create a solid foundation for using other styling aids and enhances your styling results.  Styling primers may also condition the hair, reduce frizz, add shine, provide humidity resistance, and UV protection.  A styling primer is used prior to other styling products in order to create a great styling base.


We advise that you to read your product labels thoroughly. Each product has specific directions on how it should be used to gain the best results.

Beautiful You offers a variety of products that have been discussed above.  We invite you to contact us today to learn more about styling aids that suit your hair styling needs.


Stay tuned for the last article in our Hair Styling Product Knowledge Series.