Is salon product diversion a myth?  We believe the answer is two-fold.  First, diversion in-terms of seeking profit through piracy is a real and serious issue that is a concern to us for the safety of our clients and the public.  According to Matrix, diverted hair care products are defined as products that are sold without authorization from the developer.  Diverted products have the potential of being counterfeit, expired, and/or chemically altered, all of which may result in these products being unsafe. However, the second part to the answer is a question to whether or not product developing companies are not standing by the salon professionals through selling their products at discounted prices in mass retail stores. Wouldn’t it benefit the product developing companies to sell their products to as many distributing companies as possible, even if at a discounted price for some distributors?


Beautiful You, along with other salon professionals, are concerned for the safety of our client’s and the public. We pose the question, “How can products being sold at mass retail stores be professional salon quality when they are not sold by a licensed salon professional?” Maintaining your safety is very important to us. Having your best interest always in our hearts, we highly recommend getting professional salon quality hair care products from your licensed salon professional.  This ensures your safety by having the expertise of the salon professional who is licensed in prescribing and educating you on the best professional salon quality hair care products for you.

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At Beautiful You we are inspired by the integrity of Scruples Haircare.  We proudly retail Scruples Haircare products for our clients’ wants and needs. Scruples is family owned, founded in 1983, and continues to operate privately.  Scruples has a mission of, “empowering hair professionals with smart solutions to exceed customer expectations.”  Their entire business design supports salon professionals in being more successful by making professional salon quality products that are not sold in mass retail stores.  Instead, as part of the Scruples’ mission, Scruples Haircare products are only sold by salon professionals.  Scruples not only supports the salon professional, but holds the highest level of care and safety for salon clients.  Scruples continues creating the ultimate Win-Win for salon professionals, the beauty industry as a whole, and most importantly the clients’ safety and care.