Beautiful You takes pride in sharing our passion for education.  We are grateful for the opportunities we have to contribute our knowledge with our clients, the public, students, and other salon professionals.  The purpose of this series on hairstyling product knowledge is to inspire people, such as yourself, to feel more confident in taking care of their hair, while also having fun stylizing.  To many people, understanding all of the differences between products and how to use them can be very overwhelming and intimidating.  Our hope through this series is to eliminate any confusion and intimidation that you may be experiencing by discussing the comparisons and differences between the types of hairstyling products, while also discussing how to use these products in ways to give you the greatest results.


Comparing Styling Gels, Creams, and Pomades

Styling Gel

Styling gels typically contain alcohol, which helps the product evaporate and dry.  As it dries a gel produces a firm hold on the hair. Styling gels are great for short, spiky hairstyles, along with holding botticelli curls. Gels can also help control thick hair and give the hair a wet look. If you are wanting lift to make your hair look fuller, apply the gel on the hair at the scalp. Apply gels to damp or dry hair. For thicker gels apply on hair that is dry or wet.gel

Styling Cream

Styling creams create a much lighter hold compared to gels, while also providing moisturizers to the hair. Although creams don’t offer as firm of a hold as gels, they do protect the condition of your hair by not drying it out. Creams give a gentle, more natural look. Creams reduce frizz and can be applied to damp or dry hair.


Pomade is found as a clay, waxy, or a water-based substance for styling hair. Pomade provides shine, giving the hair a slick appearance, while not drying it out. Pomade can be harder to remove from the hair as its’ chemistry enables it to last longer compared to other styling products. However, pomades are flexible enough to allow for easy re-styling of hair throughout the day. Pomades works best on dry hair, but can also be applied to wet hair.

If you’re interested in trying any of these styling aids, Beautiful You offers a variety of products that may suit your needs.

Stay tuned for future volumes in the Hairstyling Product Knowledge Series.