There are two types of judgments that we experience as humans: Judgment by Discernment and Judgment by Evaluation.  To maintain our peace we need to learn which of these benefits us and which one causes us pain.  Let’s start with Judgment by Discernment.  Would you agree that for our safety it would benefit us to discern which pool we are going to dive into – a pool full of water or a pool empty of water?  Yes, for our safety making the Judgment by Discernment we are able to recognize which pool is safe to dive into.  These types of judgments are happening all throughout our day and keep us alive and productive.  Judgment by Discernment sticks more to the facts and describes the situation for what it is.  Judgment by Evaluation causes us pain.  When practicing Judgment by Evaluation we often add things to reality that are not there.  This is a cognitive distortion, as we misrepresent the experience for what it is.  When we judge in this way we have an emotional response to the experience which causes us pain.  To maintain our peace we must practice letting go of the urge to Judge by Evaluation.  As we no longer add things to/distort reality, we no longer have an emotional response to the experience and instead can think more logically about the experience.  I challenge you to practice describing your reality without adding things that are not there – stick to the facts.  Notice what you experience (emotions, body sensations, etc.) when you practice this exercise.  Were you able to maintain your peace?