Welcome to Beautiful You, where our passion lies in educating, honoring, and serving all humans. As we honor your wants and needs, having your best interest always in our hearts, you can count on us to tailor for you an educational beautification experience that lights up your life with a playful desire for creating your own self-discovery, stylization, and self-expression.


We choose in every moment to prosper by building our career out of our passion. Using our passion as a vehicle to thrive, we are elated for the opportunities we have to share our knowledge, love, and expertise in cosmetology with all people. It is with this passion that we look forward to creating beautiful moments in people’s lives that they will cherish with them into eternity. We find joy in realizing the possibilities of having numerous passions. We inspire you to find at least one of these passions to build your career and then nourish your other passions to thrive at your brightest. Passion is limitless, there are no boundaries. It is with great passion that the impossible can become possible.

Our Mission

To share our passion in creating a personalized experience for each individual’s needs. We enhance each guest’s inner beauty by creating the most becoming illusion with their outer beauty. It is our desire for each guest to feel beautiful and comfortable within their own skin. Our belief is that beauty is more than skin deep. Here at Beautiful You, we welcome you to Be You!

If you are struggling to find your purpose in this world, we inspire you to take notice of where your passion lies. Ask yourself, “What do I want and what do I value?” It is with being aware of your passion that you will discover your purpose. As humans, our purpose in life is the reason we embark on our journeys. It is a person’s passion that oxygenates the flame of their torch, lighting their way through their fears and the unknown. Becoming grounded in your passion allows you the opportunity to take action and continue progressing in your journey. This is your chance to make your torch burn at its’ brightest. The key to life flourishing with joy and peace is to combine your passion with contribution. When you reach this point, take a deep breath in, exhale, and experience the magic all around you.