How do we set ourselves up for achieving results?  Crafting a personal vision is all about creation – Imagination plus Implementation.  In the discovery of crafting a personal vision, our bodies actually enter the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that physiologically opens us up to opportunity and renewal. We are able to create our futures through aligning with the energy of the PNS. There are a few simple steps in this discovery. Step One: Remind yourself that crafting your personal vision is a journey in which you are the captain of your soul and there may be some storms along the way.  In the storms remind yourself to BREATHE, ACCEPT, and PERSIST! Step Two: Begin mapping the course of your excursion by taking time discovering your Core Values, Passions, Purposes, and Ideal Lives.  Step Three: Take these components and draft a personal vision statement. Be specific in the details of the vision – bring the vision to life in your mind.  If you are willing, share your vision in the comments below.  This way we can inspire each other in creating a life worth thriving.