On a playground we have choices.  We can choose to play with fear or hate fear.  To play with fear we must choose to be courageous.  Courage will not eliminate fear, but will allow one to become fear’s friend. By shifting one’s energy from being enemies with fear into a loving, celebrated relationship, the fight to overcome fear disappears and one is essentially fearless. This person is fearless because no longer do they possess or attach themselves to fear.  Instead they play with fear through a loving relationship.

Playing with fear is a powerful freedom technique to add to our tool belt.  People who live in fear tend to feel out of control.  They perceive that fear has control over their life. Perceiving a lack of control encourages one to control every aspect of their life and the lives of others.  The piece of this puzzle that is heartbreaking is witnessing a person’s oblivion to their thinking that fear controls their lives.   They feel the need to deflect their control over others constantly.

Many people use force, fear, and shaming in communicating with others. The person seeking control through force, fear, and shaming, unconsciously sees their target as a possession. They possess/control this person because they perceive a lack of control over their own life.  The only outcome that perpetuates out of force, fear, and shaming is force, fear, and shaming.

Newton’s Law of Motion states that for every force their is a counterforce.  When someone places control (a force) over another individual that individual then reacts with an equivalent force.  These acts (forces) of control will continue to someone’s death or through infinite perpetuation until the cycles are intervened and replaced with responses of love and acceptance.

This world is capable of shifting to a state of peace quickly.  This peace is coming the moment people accept that they are always at choice.  We can choose to love and accept or we can choose to be in pain and isolation.  We all have the choice of connecting with one another through a loving and compassionate way. Responding to each other through love and compassion allows us to be mirrors for each other.  If we look into the looking glasses that are our friends, we become aware of our actions. The wisdom gained through this awareness lifts our level of consciousness to a space of love and acceptance.

As beings of a divine universe, we are all seeking love and acceptance, while minimizing pain and isolation.  We attempt to achieve this through a variety of choices.  We can choose to show love and gratitude towards ourselves and others or we can choose to perpetuate hate.

This world’s infinite love potential will flourish the day we all live through love and acceptance.  Beautiful You believes that all beings have the capacity to love and accept.  Here at Beautiful You, our mission lies in connecting every being on this planet through loving gratitude.  Beautiful You is achieving this through coaching individuals to befriend fear.  We celebrate the existence of fear and are grateful for our loving relationship with fear.

There is no more need for control.  Control was a perceived need because when we hated fear, we feared fear. We felt that fear had the control over us, which left us feeling out of control.  Because we perceived a force being thrown at us by fear, we threw forces of control over everything and everyone in our lives. Fear has never and will never throw forces of control onto any of us.  Fear only loves and accepts.  So as we befriend fear, we too also love and accept.

Imagine a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day when we are out on this BIG playground called Earth playing with our friend fear and experiencing the magic, love, and joy of a true friendship.  There is no control, only the love, joy, and magic of playing with a friend. This bliss is possible for each of us to have with one another.  The choice is ours.  Let’s affirm that in this moment and all moments we celebrate and express gratitude for the opportunities and choices we have in playing with fear!




Freedom Exercise:

Ask these questions of yourself?  When you identify your answers, choose to befriend and play with fear! You can achieve this playful state by connecting to your heart and other’s hearts through love and acceptance.






  1. If you lived in a world of love and acceptance, what would it look and feel like?
  2. What is keeping you from choosing to live a life of love and acceptance now?
  3. Why do you keep choosing to live a life of pain and isolation?
  4. What lead you to read this blog today? What is triggering you to wanting more out of this life than what you are experiencing now?