Is your head spinning in confusion as you are hit from every angle with terms like ombre, balayge, sombre, and baby lights? Breathe and relax – we are here to define and describe the terminology of hair painting for you.

a technique that utilizes balayage to paint the hair very softly with a focus mostly around the face
in French means hair painting. This technique involves placing highlights or lowlights by freehand instead of using foils
a technique to create seamless transitions of color by overlapping 2-3 color shades in the same foil or color paper
achieves natural brunette hair color by softly highlighting with several shades that are chosen from a range of brown to dark blonde
a softened transition of 2 or more shades of color by backcombing the hair before placing in a foil or color paper
achieves a tortoiseshell appearance by blending shades in a dark to light to dark fashion towards the ends of the hair strands. This creates a radiant light effect that travels through the mid shaft of the hair
in French means shadow. This technique blurs together a dark outgrowth that slowly graduates into lighter colors on the ends of the hair
is a quieter Ombre effect that utilizes softer blending of color shades
a technique where gel color is applied from scalp to ends. Then highlights are weaved or sliced directly over the base color and both are processed together


At Beautiful You, we love when we get the opportunity to paint clients’ hair.  We believe that the look created appears more natural, transcends to 3-dimensions, and has our clients and their hair dancing out of the salon.


Are you curious how color melting and blurring are performed? Checkout this video tutorial by Scruples Haircare: